Different kinds of flexographic printing units applicated to napkins machinery
20 Novembre 2015
Chi Siamo
20 Novembre 2015

Management of folding-head changes in a napkins machine



For sure, best configuration of a napkins factory is to have a machinery for each different product of the range.

That means never to have to do that complicated, difficult and long action that to change the folding-group is. You also have to remember the time you will spend for changing the embossing group and the clichè cylinders.

But not all companies have got such a big number of machinery, so… what could you do?

Almost all producers of napkins machinery offer to the market day by day faster machines (today we achieved 7-800 metres/minute and more) but they don’t tell anything about the high wear and tear that mechanic parts suffer when a napkins folder runs over 4-5-600 m/min speed. For that reason you will have to stop your machine often to mantain it. No one is used to explain to you how much does this time cost and how much does spare parts cost. All that will reduce (or cancel?) advantages you got thanks that high speed. This is valid in case of one-size machines and it is more valid in case of machinery you use to produce different sizes.

When you have to change napkins-size parts, you have to consider to lose: not less than 2-3 hours for folding head, embossing group, clichè cylinders and for necessary adjustments (with a waste of material, in consequence of it) . We will not discuss here about the changing of packet-size in the napkins wrapper, but let’s not forget it.

Excluding who makes vacuum napkins folders, the only one company which produces napkins machines with a versatile system is the spanish company WALI. This company produces folders for  600 m/minute projected in a special way: you will change the folding group and the embossing group in not more than 7-8 minutes, then you will start again to produce napkins without to waste paper searching the final adjustment.