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brand new and used tissue - paper converting and wrapping machines

mßquinas nuevas y de ocasión para manipular y empaquetar el papel-tis˙

machines nouvelles et d'occasion pour la transformation et l'emballage du papier-tissus

macchinari nuovi e di seconda mano per la trasformazione e l'imballaggio del tissue e della carta


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used/brand new  tissue mills
wet towels machinery
sanitary napkins machinery/baby diaper machinery





Tissue paper converting machinery

By the term "tissue paper converting machinery" we consider all the range of machines which, starting from a parent reel of soft tissue paper, give finished product such as toilet paper rolls, kitchen towels, handkerchieves, table napkins, handtowels (in roll or folded or interfolded) and industrial towels (big towel rolls for working applications).

Tissue paper converting machinery

You can find tissue paper converting machines for almost manual use (they are very old machines) semiautomatic ones (for new-entry markets) and fully automatic tissue converting machines, where all the process is managed by PLCs, servomotors and touch-screen panels, so workers just has to control the right work done by machines.

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Tissue paper napkins converting machinery

There are two different kinds of machinery to produce tissue paper napkins:

- converting machines which fold paper napkins by vacuum (sometimes there are some folding clamps on the folding cilynder as well) . They are mostly used for converting 1-ply paper napkins.

- converting machines which make tissue napkins by a folding head composed by a couple of rotating steel cylinders with folding clamps. This kind of machinery is mostly used for convertion of 2-3 ply tissue-paper napkins.

Max speed offered by mechanical folding system is today around 600 m/min. but we are talking about napkins machinery with just one way of production; the speed of vacuum system machinery is definitely lower, but there are vacuum folders up to 8 ways of production therefore, at the end, the daily production is not a problem anyway.

During last period, many steps were done not only to improve the capacity of napkins machinery, but even to get a better quality of printing and something new in embossing: you can find tissue paper napkins converting machines having flexographic printing stations up to 8 colors (central drum) and having micro-embossing and deco-embossing (always + lamination unit) which give to paper napkins high softness and quality.

Nowadays, any automatic transfer from the napkins machine to the wrapping machine is a must: such an high speed in converting tissue napkins would need too many workers for transferring napkins handly.

Tissue paper napkins converting machinery

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